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Drug rehab is designed to help anyone with any sort of addiction—be it to prescription drugs such as Ritalin or OxyContin, hard drugs like cocaine or methamphetamine, or club drugs such as ecstasy and GHB. Addiction Drug Rehab Chicago’s experienced team of veteran medical experts see patients safely through the withdrawal process with a period of medically-supervised detox, followed by a 45- to 90-day rehabilitation. During this time, patients take advantage of therapy and counseling sessions designed to help them look at life positively, put a stop to their destructive habits, rid their minds of drugs’ poisonous influence, and learn new constructive behaviors with which to replace their drug use. Relapse prevention and cognitive behavioral therapy teach patients about the ways in which temptation can be resisted and fought.

How Treatment Helps

Addiction Drug Rehab Chicago offers a sober living facility, a well-equipped rehab center, and a staff of trained doctors and nurses and mental health professionals, who approach the patient’s recovery holistically, covering both the physical and psychological issues inherent to addiction. Detox first rids the body of its physical dependence on the substance. With this hurdle cleared, therapists and counselors step in to address the mental health issues. Therapy encourages patients to open up to others about their state of mind at the outset of their addiction and come to terms with the stressors in their lives which played a part. They can then be on their guard in the future. Counselors teach patients viable strategies for remaining drug-free and coping with stress and temptation in the future. Allowances are made for the patient’s unique response to their drug of choice and co-occurring psychological disorders; the veteran health care experts at Addiction Drug Rehab Chicago know how to address these maladies. They can help anyone get over their psychological issues and onto a freer, more productive life.

Addiction Drug Rehab Chicago’s addiction support continues even after rehab ends. They provide access to a network of Chicago therapists and counselors who can provide outpatient therapy after a patient’s stay at rehab has come to an end. This continuous monitoring and ongoing support network is crucial to maintaining sobriety. After leaving Addiction Drug Rehab Chicago’s rehab center, patients will be empowered to care for themselves and their loved ones once again, expunge negative thoughts and impulses from their minds, and take their lives back from the specter of addiction.

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