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Addiction Treatment

Alcohol abuse can easily lead to alcoholism. Alcohol abusers can stop their drinking at any time, but alcoholics cannot stop—they have become mentally and/or physically dependent upon alcohol. Their body has built up tolerance to the drug and they experience withdrawal symptoms whenever they stop drinking. They may also feel that they “need” alcohol to get them through their day.

Addiction Drug Rehab Chicago realizes that any sort of alcoholism treatment must address alcohol’s psychological and physical side effects. A person’s family situation, environment, genetic makeup, and job may all be influencing them to consume alcohol in an unhealthy manner. Treatment focuses on making the patient aware of the ways addiction takes hold and teaching him or her strategies for resisting temptations and stressors in the future.

Abstinence-based rehabilitation commences with the aforementioned detoxification. When withdrawal is complete and the person’s physical dependence on alcohol has been expunged, rehabilitation can begin. Group therapy and individual counseling help patients come to terms with the psychological maladies and pressures which may have led them to begin drinking. In groups, patients talk about their situation and share their experiences with others. In counseling sessions, patients learn useful techniques for fighting cravings in a constructive manner.

It is this atmosphere of therapeutic community and positive reinforcement that lends rehab its potency. A well-rounded treatment plan enables a former alcoholic to function within society without needing alcohol as an escape. Even after rehab ends, Addiction Drug Rehab Chicago provides aftercare options, outpatient therapy sessions, and ongoing support to buoy up the patient in their new, fulfilling, post-rehab life.

Why Alcoholism Can’t Go Untreated

Alcoholism is a progressive disease, meaning that it becomes steadily worse with time. Alcoholics are slowly poisoning themselves with their habit, and can develop a variety of life-threatening diseases as a result of their habit. Even if their health remains intact, their finances, careers, and relationships can be ruined by alcohol. Trying to quit “cold turkey” isn’t an option either: long-term or intense abuse of alcohol accustoms the body to alcohol’s presence, and its sudden absence causes a forcible shock to the system, which may be excruciatingly painful or even fatal. Trained clinical staff can usher you safely through detox and therapists can see to the psychological issues plaguing the patient. This is the only safe path to sobriety.

Alcohol dependence can be fought and beaten. Contact Addiction Drug Rehab Chicago at (312) 638-6880 to learn how rehab and counseling can help you or your loved one get clean permanently.